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July 19, 2016

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Did you know that a fetus begins to hear sounds at 17 weeks? This is about the time when the first tiny movements are being felt from mom. Fetal development from prenatal exposure to music remains unknown, but at 33 weeks, fetuses have been observed breathing in sync to music, indicating that they are aware of the beat.

Prenatal exposure to music is a subjective choice for mothers-to-be, one which doesn’t seem to have negative effects on fetal development, as far as preliminary research is concerned. It’s just another choice parents can make during pregnancy. My sister-in-law would play classical music during her second pregnancy, and she stands by prenatal exposure to music. So, like I said, it’s your own choice, but I knew I wanted to try it for my pregnancy.

I found these BellyBuds from WavHello. They are basically headphones for the belly. You can connect your phone to the BellyBuds and play music directly on the belly. The music does not disturb the outside world, which is a positive. I usually go to sleep early and Khris stays up working on his various projects. So when I played music for Kai through the BellyBuds, both of my boys were able to be in their own zones. And I slept nicely =)

Safety is always a major concern during any pregnancy. Loud sounds can have a negative cause over stimulation and hinder ear development. Sounds louder than 65 decibels (about as loud as background music inside your favorite store) can be unsafe, especially for prolonged periods of time. The BellyBuds allow you to control sound levels, and have an easy-on, easy-off switch. And for mom’s skin, the buds adhere with reusable, medical-grade, SafeBond adhesives.

I used these buds before bed, but they can be used during your walks, or while running errands. They are discreet under your clothes and you can also plug in your own headphones and listen to the music as well. I think that’s a great feature, because you and the baby are already connecting and bonding with each other through music.

There is no concrete evidence on the effects of music on the development of a fetus. It is definitely a personal choice to make. But for those mothers-to-be out there that want to try it in a safe manner, I suggest BellyBuds!

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