October 7, 2017

Did you know that you increase the risk of death from any cause by 15% if you sleep less than five hours per night?! That is pretty scary!

Sleep is an essential part of our lives. I’ve realized that I’m the happiest and most productive when I get a full 8+ hours of sleep. And having a comfortable mattress contributes to how well I sleep.

Khris and I have been trying out the Tomorrow Sleep system for the past few weeks now, and it’s been an incredible sleeping experience!

The Tomorrow Sleep system consists of a world-class hybrid mattress made up of both memory foam and coils, memory foam pillows, an all-season comforter, and the Tomorrow Sleeptracker Moniter and app. All of these combine to help you fall asleep faster, stay in deep sleep longer and record and analyze your sleep each and every night.

The mattress was delivered in a box, which was hassle-free and easy to transport into our room. It was a little heavy, but much easier to move than any bed we’ve gotten from any department store. We got it out of the box and placed the rolled up mattress on our frame, cut open the air-tight plastic packaging and watched as out brand new Tomorrow Cal King mattress inflated to it’s normal size. It was that simple.

After the first night of sleep, we were hooked. Khris and I both woke up feeling well-rested and refreshed. We talked about how it had been a while since each of us had such a good nights sleep. We attribute that, of course, to being parents, late working hours, and our old mattress. After a few days, Khris told me he wasn’t waking up as much in the middle of the night as before, and that his neck and back pain was subsiding a bit.

As for me, I was sleeping much longer because of the comfort level, and because I don’t feel Khris’s movements at night due to the memory foam. I’m a light sleeper and he tends to move a lot at night.

We both felt that we were sleeping better, but it awesome to be able to prove it as well with the Sleeptracker Monitor. This device analyzes your sleep cycles, breathing and heart rate, and any body movement. All of this information is tracked and recorded on your smartphone through an app. After every night’s sleep, the Sleeptracker app offers personalized suggestions for better sleep. You can even get daily emails with the previous nights sleep analysis if you choose to.

Tomorrow Sleep is powered by Serta Simmons Bedding, one of the most trusted mattress manufacturers and distributers in North America with over 100 years of experience. The company offers a 10 year limited warranty, as well as a 100 day free trial, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try out the Tomorrow Sleep System. You won’t regret it.

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