April 13, 2017

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“This post is sponsored by SoundBub. Although all opinions stated are my own” 

During the co-sleeping months, we would use the computer in our room to play ‘white noise’ to soothe our baby to sleep. Now that Kai sleeps in his own crib in a separate room of the house, we can’t put him to sleep the same way anymore. But thanks to Soundbub, the cutest portable Bluetooth speaker and soother, we can continue to comfort our baby with all types of sounds.

By just pressing the belly button of our Ollie the Owl SoundBub, we can soothe Kai to sleep using either Malibu Beach or Montana Rain, the two white noise tracks that come preloaded in SoundBub. Sometimes, we connect one of our phones through Bluetooth and play other sounds, just to switch it up a bit. SoundBub is just that flexible and easy to use!

But our favorite feature is the VoiceShare app, where you can download additional white noise tracks, record your voice for your baby, sing lullabies, and even record bedtime stories, which is what we love to do for Kai! Reading to our baby is essential, and SoundBub makes it simple for these two hard-working parents to keep up with their baby’s nighttime routine.

Music is a wonderful thing in life! We played music for our son when he was in my belly using BellyBuds, and we continue to play various songs and sounds for him today. Playing music for Kai throughout the day is an essential part of raising him. Even on walks! We just hook it on to our stroller using the hide-away handle and off we go!

Kai is even allowed to hold his SoundBub because it is made out of soft, padded fabric, and the chew-safe material helps him with his teething.

You can choose from two other super-cute designs: Bella the Bunny and Benji the Bear. You can purchase your very own SoundBub on Amazon or on for only $49.99. Use code SBPENNY for 5% off on SoundBub!

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