My Truth behind Loop Giveaways…

January 13, 2017

Have you seen your favorite blogger post a photo of an epic giveaway on Instagram? They might be giving away an iPad or some Kylie Jenner makeup. To enter, you have to like the photo and follow the blogger who is tagged in the caption. Then you go to that blogger’s page, and they have the same giveaway photo posted, but now there’s a different blogger tagged in the caption. And so on and so on.

The giveaway loops through various Instagram blogger accounts. And that’s why it’s called a Loop Giveaway. Many blogger’s are using this method to build their following on Instagram.

I’ve tried Loop Giveaways a few times before, and they work great! I thought it was a pretty interesting concept and definitely a fast way to grow your following. Social media is overly saturated these days, and it isn’t as easy as it once was to gain a solid following.

People in the blogging world will tell you “it’s not all about the numbers,” and I totally agree with that statement. The quality of my content does not rely on the number of followers I have. Nor does the amount of energy I exert, working a full time job, being a mom, and being a blogger depend on that number. It’s not all about the numbers…but it kind of is. The reality is more business opportunities come to those bloggers with a larger following. And a Loop Giveaway is a way to grow that number, and it has allowed my brand to be exposed to real people in various parts of the world who might not have ever been able to see it otherwise.

I got inspired to write this post based on a couple things. But mostly because, with anything in life, there is always the process of trial and error that we must go through. From our mistakes, we learn and we grow, as individuals, and in this particular case, as a business owner. Because that is what my blog and brand has turned into- my business. What started off as a hobby has turned into a source of income for my family and I.

As a business owner in the social media industry, a Loop Giveaway is an investment. They are not free on my end. I can spend anywhere from $30-$400+ (the money goes towards purchasing the product, among other things). I think of it as a form of advertisement. It’s just like any other business that buys ad space in a newspaper or a magazine.

Now, I’ve spent my own hard-earned money to join these giveaways, and this is what I’ve found out about them.

Besides all the great prizes that are offered for my followers, they have really helped expose my brand to thousands of people all around the world. People who might have NEVER heard about or seen my blog. In a social media platform such as Instagram, where the algorithms are constantly changed and rarely understood, and exposure through the clutter of photos is difficult to come by, a Loop Giveaway is a great business strategy.

But it is certainly not the best. With each Loop Giveaway I’ve joined, I gained many followers, sometimes even thousands. But I’ve also lost them. After each giveaway, after I gained all these new followers, I would start seeing a decrease. And the number of followers continued to decrease with each new photo I posted after the giveaway.

This same thing happened with each Loop Giveaway I was a part of.

I soon figured that many of the new followers I gained were just not in my niche. They weren’t interested in me or my brand or my content. They were just entering another contest on Instagram. The interaction was just not there after the giveaway. And that’s ok!

My brand and my style isn’t for everyone. I don’t need people to just be part of a number. I’d rather have a group of supporters! I do what I do to inspire other women who work all week long or mom’s that are at home raising their kids that it’s ok to put on a beautiful dress and some red lipstick from time to time…that it’s ok to be beautiful.

And that’s what makes blogging so fun. I can be me with the world, because the content I produce is really who I am. I LOVE looking and feeling beautiful. And some people like it and that make me happy.

So why did I join a Loop Giveaway? Simple…to try it out. There was a point after my son was born that I felt like I wanted to give up on this. I was feeling very un-inspired, very frustrated and just overwhelmed. My priorities have changed, and I’m honestly not able to give it my all at the moment. My son requires my attention, and a Loop Giveaway offered a way to have more people see my content with little extra effort from me.

Do I regret doing these Loop Giveaways? Not at all. They have been a learning experience. Just another business strategy that I’ve used to help my business grow. They have revived my spirits about my blog and now I’m working my way back to being more consistent as I was before and sharing the quality content that I know I have and have shared for many years now.

Will I continue to do them? Probably or probably not. Do I discourage other bloggers from doing Loop Giveaways? Never! Who am I to say what works for YOUR brand? I will never discourage ANYONE from trying something on their own.

Does me doing these giveaways make my content quality any less? HELL NO! I continue to do what I love and share what I want. Does it now make me less unique because I have done Loop Giveaways in the past? Nope. I believe that the followers you have are there for a reason and those true followers and supporters will stick around.

I, myself, have also discovered great accounts through Loop Giveaways. IThey are just another strategy that a blogger can use to grow their brand. And a great way for followers to win super cool prizes!

Let me know what you guys think about these types of giveaways. ♡

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