July 27, 2017

Yesterday I was able to visit the Museum of Ice Cream thanks to Rumba Time. They invited a group of us to come and enjoy an afternoon while wearing the perfect sunglasses from them. I decided to get these yellow ones because they are cute, chic and give that pop of color to my outfit. I had been wanting to go to the museum for a while now and trying to get tickets was difficult since every time I looked them up it said “SOLD OUT”. I must say that every room in this museum is definitely instagram worthy. You can’t just take one pic per room because its just too cute! If you get a chance to get tickets for it, its short but cute, so make sure you wear something cute for all the pictures you will be taking.

Each room is just so unique and how they have everything set up was perfect. My favorite room was definitely the Sprinkles room, did you know that these sprinkles self clean?!! I mean whattttt!!!! Also if you jump in there be prepared to get sprinkles in areas which you shouldn’t but you gotta do it for the picture. Hope you guys enjoyed these pictures that I took as I would love to take Kai there and see his reaction to everything.

Thanks again to Rumba Time for taking me to the Museum of Ice Cream and for the goodies that we got!

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