Movie Date for Pitch Perfect 2!

May 15, 2015
Thanks to Pitch Perfect 2 for giving me this opportunity!

My husband and I went out to City Walk in Universal City for the premiere of Pitch Perfect 2. We were both big fans of the first Pitch Perfect, so we were really excited when we got the invite to catch the premiere. The theater was full of people of all ages ready to watch the Bellas take on the world!
If you were a fan of the first one, you will definitely love the sequel. It was non stop laughing from beginning to end. The Bellas are definitely a crazy group of girls, and Fat Amy is just as witty and unfiltered as ever! I love her!
The sequel is chalk full of special guest appearances. The movie starts off with the Bellas performing for a national audience. The performance is great, that is until Fat Amy has a hilarious wardrobe malfunction. They are suspended from performing again by the A Capella Commission. And the only way to get reinstated is to win the World Championships of A Capella. 
It’s a funny, feel good movie that will definitely have you wanting to sing acapella and dance with the Bellas! I also ran into Vivian from “My Dream Quinceanera” in case you missed the interview she did with Chrissie Fit the newest star on Pitch Perfect 2, you can check it out HERE!
Make sure you check out Pitch Perfect 2 in Theaters Today!
  Check out the Pitch Perfect Trailer and buy your tickets now!
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