June 20, 2017

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“This post is sponsored by Olay. Although all opinions stated are my own” 

What mom doesn’t just love to relax and unwind in the shower after a full shift at the office or after a long day with the kids with wonderful scents?
It’s important to take time on yourself and just not think about anything after a long day. There was a survey conducted that says that the average woman spends 15 minutes in the shower each day, and women with children spend 2 minutes longer in the shower.
For me, the short time between when Kai goes to sleep and my own bed time is the vital time I use to take a nice, soothing shower. I feel it is essential to have some personal alone time to just wash away all the stress of the day and relax my body for sleep. And I’ve discovered body washes that offer a sensory-rich and fragrance-full experience that put my mind and body in a wonderful mood.

I am happy to have partnered with Olay to introduce the Fresh Outlast Collection of body washes. This collection of six refreshing body wash scents are amazing and allow you to cleanse and hydrate your skin. But more importantly, they offer a “scent for every shower.”
The scents from the Olay Fresh Outlast Collection vary from minty smells to fruity and tropical. Scents are incredibly powerful. They can make you feel fresh, have the power to energize you, or even make sexy for a night out on the town.

As far as fragrances go, I love to have options in the shower because there are days when I want to just refresh my body and certain scents help me achieve that. And then there are those nights when I want to just feel sexy in my own skin. I use Olay’s Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Body Wash for those nights.

I took the Olay’s Scent Persona quiz to find the right scent for me and my result was “The Quality Seeker.” And it’s the one I’ve been using at night during that personal alone time I was talking about earlier on this post. It’s an invigorating champagne and mango scent that puts my mind and body and ease after a long day. It just sounds delicious, doesn’t it?
If you are not sure which scent is right for you, don’t worry! Olay has you covered. Click the link to take the quiz! . Here is my result from the quiz.

Remember, a shower isn’t just something you do. It is something you experience. So why not experience it with some unique scents from Olay.

What results did you get?

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