How Fresh Fruits Helped us Demystify The Label

July 19, 2017

“This post is sponsored by @JohnsonsBaby. Although all opinions stated are my own.”

Are you a person like me who tends to get nervous by the back label of a product? This has become even more true now that I’m a parent, along with the added stress of wanting to keep my baby safe from harmful chemicals.

I feel it is only natural to want the very best for your child or children. I know many parents who pay special attention to  the terms “organic” and “natural.” Everything that goes into and onto the child must be organic or natural. These parents want nothing to do with “harmful’ chemicals in their food or in their products.

Just because it says “organic” or “natural,” many people tend to think a product is safe. But did you know that many of the “bad” chemicals out there, such as formaldehyde and parabens, actually occur naturally in many of the fruits we feed our children.

People will look at the back label of shampoo and because of the “bad” ingredients shy away from it because of all the misconceptions they have heard or read, but then turn around and feed their child a banana which contains 16.3 mg of naturally occurring formaldehyde in it. (from


It is no secret that babies are delicate.  A baby’s skin is much thinner and much more vulnerable than that of an adult. It loses moisture twice as fast as adult skin.

When you think of baby and adult skin, think of a peeled orange segments (the baby skin) and grapes (the adult skin). Grapes have tougher skin, making it harder for moisture to escape. But orange segments have thinner, more delicate skin, so they dry out more quickly and are easily damaged.

As a result of the huge difference between baby skin and adult skin, sometimes natural ingredients that work well for adults are simply too harsh for babies.


Because babies are so delicate, many parents will spend hours upon hours doing research about what is good for their baby and what is bad. And doing research can be a scary thing.

I know that any time I research something about the products I use for my son, I usually stumble on articles with vastly contradicting information. Not only is it scary to read all the harmful “facts” about certain products, but it’s also confusing because of the massive amount of information out there.


People will often see the word “organic” on a label and automatically assume that it is high-quality and safe. But the reality is that not all natural ingredients are good for you and not all non-natural ingredients are harmful.

Johnson’s, the number one leading baby brand with a more than 120-year history, is a brand that is committed to safety. And a major step in demystifying the label is to use products from brands who consistently show they are committed to safety.

Johnson’s holds both natural and non-natural ingredients to the same standards. They also empower parents and make it easy to do their research by offering a Behind the Label page on their website to clearly explain all the ingredients they use and their purpose in the formula.


The reality is, as much as we wish we could, we can’t put our babies in a bubble where nothing will harm him or her. Not all natural ingredients are good and not all non-natural ingredients are bad. After all, those nasty parabens you hear and read about can be found in blueberries, and levels of formaldehyde can be found in apples and bananas. And you wouldn’t stop your child from eating such delicious and healthy fruits.

Don’t be scared of the ingredients you find on the back label. There are so many scary and negative stories about these ingredients, many of which occur naturally and are in many of the foods we already eat! Just remember…just because something says organic doesn’t make it safe.

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