October 25, 2017

Because I am sure many of us here in southern california are wondering where winter went or when we will be getting any type of cold weather. I must say that I am one to have many coats, sweaters and jackets and every winter I always like to purchase a couple more which doesn’t help because it doesn’t get as cold here as it does in other states. I am very jealous of those states that get to experience all the seasons.

One of the many famous trends is of course being “mad for plaid” and you can pretty much find that print in anything. Another trend right now that went from spring, summer and now winter is floral. I love anything floral and being able to reuse my dresses is a definite plus for me and of course a money saver.

Making a statement this winter will definitely include metallic, bold colors and even some fringe. I love how these trends can mash up together and combine it all for fall. I mean why not go all in with the textures and print right? I am all about these trends right now and I cant wait to see how they transition into spring.


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