September 27, 2017

Hi everyone, so about two weeks ago now Khris and I got invited to go on a mini cruise to Ensenada. This was our first time being on a cruise yet alone leave our son for this long with very little communication since half the time we were out in the middle of the sea. We went on the ADCLA Dance Cruise and it really is just that, a bunch of dancing. For this type of cruise I would recommend you take salsa lessons before because there are so many people that know how to dance and it can get a little intimidating if you don’t know the basics of salsa.  During the day they played a variety of music and at night they had special guest perform, which I wish we made it past midnight to see the performances but maybe next time.

When we got to Ensenada on Saturday morning, we got off the boat and took a bus to downtown (El Centro) and from there they had special packages for you to do things so of course ended up going to the flea market and ended up seeing “La Bufadora” which was so cool! We walked around and enjoyed the yummy seafood and everyone there was really nice and the weather was perfect. After exploring we went back to the ship since it was leaving Ensenada by 6pm back to Long Beach. Sunday was so much fun being in the middle of the ocean I sat the top deck and just layed out for hours and went down the water slide with friends and just was so thankful at the moment to get to experience this with my husband, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Thanks to Davina from Alegria Magazine for the invite and for having me along with other talented women on the cover of your Fall issue. Here is the final image, can’t wait to share the rest of the images.



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