3 Costume Ideas Too Cute to Spook for Halloween with Target

October 19, 2016

This post is sponsored by Target, although all opinions stated are my own. 

Khris and I are really excited to have partnered up with Target for Kai’s first Halloween. During the pregnancy, we talked about all the fun and creative things we wanted to do with our son, so we really enjoyed our first go at it! 

We came up with three different costume ideas using some great Target finds and a little ingenuity. 

The first costume is a Penguin. We found a grey onesie and glued cotton balls in the middle area to make the white furry belly. We also threw on orange pumpkin slip-ons and painted Kai’s nose orange to finish the look. (If you want to know how to create the paper snowflakes click here .) 

baby-penguin-halloween-target-5 baby-penguin-halloween-target-1 baby-penguin-halloween-target-3


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The second costume is a Bear. This onesie, which we found at Target, didn’t need any alterations so all we had to do was paint his face to give him more of that bear look. 

baby-bear-halloween-target-1 baby-bear-halloween-target-3bear-target-halloween


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And the last costume was a Ninja Turtle. Another great Target onesie find! But we wanted to give the costume a little something extra so we decided to give Kai his own turtle shell, which Khris made with cotton balls and and a brown shirt. I sewed it together to give it the shape of a shell, and added straps to it so it was easy to put on him. 

baby-ninja-turtle-halloween-target-1 baby-ninja-turtle-halloween-target-2 baby-ninja-turtle-halloween-target-3 baby-ninja-turtle-halloween-target-4


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We had such a fun time coming up with these costumes and putting them all together. We couldn’t have do it without Target and their tremendous variety. They even had all the little things we needed for all the alterations!

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