1 Pair of Levi’s Denizen Jeans : (7 Days)…. No Problem!

September 12, 2015
This post is sponsored by DENIZEN® from Levi’s®

Hello everyone! Want to know why this is an awesome post? Because not only did I challenge myself to style the same pair of jeans for 7 days, but it also made me think outside the box as far as being able to style these jeans from day to night. I used the DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans in the Essential Stretch Modern Skinny as my statement piece for this challenge. You can check out more styles here: http://www.denizen.com/.

The DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans are the perfect fit for us curvy girls! The material is super stretchy and luxuriously soft. These jeans hold everything in shape and accentuates my body perfectly. They were really comfortable and I felt really confident in them. One of the things that made me choose this style is because I love that they are semi high-waisted and the color is easy to pair with almost everything! You can also buy these jeans at your local Target store or online at Target.com.

DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans also have other jeans available such as:

• Essential Stretch Shaping Curvy Skinny
• Essential Stretch Modern Boot Cut
• Essential Stretch Shaping Curvy Boot

Check out DENIZEN.com to find your perfect seven days a week jeans.

Your on-the-go life requires jeans that move with you, hold their shape and flatter every step of the way. DENIZEN® from Levi’s® jeans offer fits and styling uniquely designed to make you look incredible. Find your perfect seven days a week jeans at DENIZEN.com.
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